What capabilities does it offer?

Lots of vital functionality is available now. The MTS Echo Intelligent Lab currently includes the following capabilities:

  • Test Monitoring
    Know the test status of any system in your lab at any time, from anywhere.

    MTS Echo Test Monitoring allows lab personnel to view real-time test system status messages at any time and from any web-enabled device. You can also set up alerts to notify you the instant a test requires attention or reaches a defined status. Even when away from the lab, you’ll have ongoing access to the information you need to monitor operations and keep your stakeholders up-to-date.
    • Know test system and overall lab status at any time, from anywhere
    • Save time, enhance efficiency and improve customer service
    • Virtually eliminate equipment idle time
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  • Health Monitoring
    Proactively maintain your test systems with on-demand health updates from anywhere.

    MTS Echo System Health Monitoring enables 24/7 protection of your test system performance. Advanced sensing technology and proprietary algorithms provide early failure warning, predictive trending and actionable recommendations, helping you keep your system running smoothly at all times.
    • Know system health status at any time, from anywhere
    • Control costs and enhance uptime with proactive, predictive maintenance
    • Receive immediate notification of potential issues
    • Minimize the likelihood of expensive, catastrophic events from occurring
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  • Online Service Resources
    Manage your MTS software updates and version information from a single location.

    Every lab manager knows that running a test facility involves staggering volumes of paperwork. That includes keeping track of all the software versions and updates. As part of an MTS Software Support Plan (SSP) agreement, MTS Echo Online Service Resources makes all of your MTS test software information easily accessible, searchable and manageable from a single online location.
    • Efficiently manage software updates and information
    • Set alerts to remind you of upcoming updates
    • Download new software versions as soon as they are available
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