Why do you need it?

From scheduling and status tracking to equipment maintenance and data archiving, many test labs have long relied on manual, disparate processes to complete their daily tasks. It’s not because this is the ideal way of doing things. It’s because until now, this has been the only way.

Today, technology makes it possible to run a test lab in a far more integrated, automated and unified fashion. By adding connectivity to people, processes, equipment and software, previously separate things become more intelligent, allowing the entire facility to run better than ever before. This is precisely the vision behind the MTS Echo Intelligent Lab.

  • Improve efficiency
  • Achieve better results
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Sync your data across multiple devices.

Laptop, smartphones or tablets. Android or iOS. In the office or out in the world. No matter when, where or what mobile technology your colleagues and customers prefer, they can see more and know more with the MTS Echo Intelligent Lab.

Your user community will have on-demand access to a single, intuitive user experience that cleanly displays the information that is most important to them. Getting started is equally easy. Simply download the MTS Echo app from the iTunes Store or Google Play, and then contact us to visit your lab to learn your needs, deploy your solution and train your team.

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